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MudWars is a fantastic .io game in which you control a tank and must battle other opponents in a field full of mud! Before you start, you can choose your username, tank skin, and server region. When entering the battle you must travel around the map and shoot at the gold nuggets scattered on the ground – destroying a nugget gives you XP and allows you to level your tank up.

When your tank reaches the next level, you are granted stat points – you can use these points to improve your reload speed, damage, health, heal capacity, energy and recharge rate. Aside from the central map, the outskirt are full of mud – this slows your progress and you must drive your tracks to carve a path through it. Within the mud you will find larger nuggets that will give you a greater amount of XP, but you will also be more susceptible to damage from enemies! As you progress your tank becomes more powerful and you can reign destruction on your enemies! Can you become the MudWar champion?




This game is made by Hadik.




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More Information About MudWars


MudWars.io is a first-rate .io game that you can play on http://deflygame.tk, for free. MudWars.io is powered by WebGL technology to work smoothly in most browsers. MudWars.io can be played in full-screen mode . Hadik developed MudWars.io. MudWars.io has been played 88,817 times and has been rated 8.4 / 10 with 1,695 votes. If you enjoy it, take a look at our other .io or MudField.io and Zombs Royale (ZombsRoyale.io).

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